JavaScript Library

The CloudMine JavaScript library is a simplistic WebService abstraction to make it easier to develop CloudMine applications in FireFox 3.6+, Chrome 13+, Safari 5+, IE 10+ and Node.JS . Inspired by RESTLER, the library is event driven with ease of attaching events in mind. You may chain any number of events or none at all if it suits you better.


We're actively developing and invite you to fork and send pull requests on GitHub.

Check out the JavaScript Library API reference


Our library also has settings to be used as a node package. You can install it through npm:

Before you can begin using the JavaScript Library, you must first create an application in the CloudMine dashboard

Starting a New Project

From a Browser

To start using the Library in your app, simply add jQuery and link to the cloudmine JavaScript library on your website.

This will give you a global cloudmine object. The next step is to initialize it with your CloudMine App ID and API Key. If you don't have these, you need to make a CloudMine account and create a new App in the dashboard.

From Node.JS

To access the WebService object from within Node.JS, all you need to do is

It is recommended that you pass the WebService instance along to other classes where needed.

The options passed to the WebService constructor can always be accessed in ws.options . That's it! Now you're ready to begin making API Calls using the ws object! Continue on to the tutorial to see some basic examples.

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Sample Apps

Check out a couple sample apps that show what you can really quickly hack together with CloudMine!

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