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Focus on uniqueness, not infrastructure!

Building your mobile backend requires resources with expertise in several disciplines: multiple coding languages, performance/scale, mobile services (ex. push), data modeling, encryption, integration, and so much more… Most enterprises don’t have the resource, or the bandwidth to step up to this challenge. Why reinvent the wheel? ...and attempt to assemble all of the moving parts? CloudMine provides a mobile foundation - accelerating delivery, and empowering you to focus on creating world-class apps.

Custom Code & Objects

Write and deploy your mobile app logic with support for Java or JavaScript (node.JS™). Design and retrieve objects using Object Browser & Rapid Query Language.

Mobile Microservices

Instantly embed mobile services such as: push notification, geolocation, social, SMS and personal fitness data with out-of-box support for mission critical APIs & web services.

Uptime & Availability

Ensure your application is ready for success and broad adoption with automated scaling and high availability powered by industry leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

User Access

Manage mobile users and integrate to enterprise mobility management (EMM) or identity management (IdM) providers for SSO and accurate authentication.

Security & Compliance

Mitigate the risk of a breach with powerful encryption and constant monitoring. Log and report on all activities for proof of compliance.

Front-end SDK’s

Make sure your mobile experience is enjoyed across all devices with support for iOS, Android, Microsoft, mobile web (HTML5), and cross-platform UI toolsets.

CloudMine powers Connected Healthcare

HIPAA-compliance meets enterprise mobility

Data security & governance often hinders the delivery of mobile initiatives by presenting risks to organizations including privacy, authorization and auditability. Building compliant mobile systems requires expertise in constantly evolving regulations. These challenges make for a perfect storm of complexity within healthcare and highly regulated industries, leading to significant friction instead of innovation. CloudMine provides a turn-key compliance framework to manage this moving target.

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  • “Extremely high mobile performance is paramount in the CloudMine offering.”


  • “Regardless of high volumes of data, the most important data will always be quickly available.”


  • “CloudMine has the potential to significantly simplify development and shorten build time.”


  • “CloudMine has cut the time it takes for developers to configure backend solutions in half.”


  • “CloudMine is 1 of 7 hot mobile startups to watch”


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CloudMine + Xamarin = Better Full-Stack Mobile Development!

We’ve got some exciting news to share — We just released CloudMine’s Connected Health SDK in to the Xamarin Component Store! This means that you, as the developer of any Xamarin-based project, now have easy access to the entirety of our backend mobile services! Let’s explore what that means for you.   First and foremost,…

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CloudMine Sponsors Independence / Jefferson Health Hack

Recently, we had the opportunity to be one of the sponsors of the Jefferson/IBX Health Hack, an event designed to thrive on collisions between people from different worlds, experiences, and ideologies, where ideas become actions become real world technological solutions. It’s centered around bringing individuals together who may not otherwise interact – say, an experience designer,…

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  • “Without CloudMine, we would be months, if not years, behind our goals.”

    Maximilian Maksutovic, Software Development Lead


  • “CloudMine is a true partner. From day one, they have been extremely responsive to our needs.”

    Tamara Vostok, Director, Consumer Marketing

    Barnes & Noble College

  • “CloudMine's platform allowed our cloud infrastructure to scale with demand, [and] enabled us to implement new features in days versus months.”

    Brian O'Neal, CTO


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Founder & CEO

Marc Weil

Founder & CTO

Chris Corbet

VP, Sales

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VP, Engineering

Nick Borth

VP, Product & Marketing

John Marchese

VP, Strategic Alliances

Corey Crawford

VP, Finance

Brendan McCorkle

Founder, President of the Board, & CEO


Marc Weil

Founder & CTO


Philip Moyer

Managing Director

Safeguard Scientifics

David Luk


Safeguard Scientifics

Brett Topche

Managing Director


Varghese Thomas

Founding Partner

LaDiVa Ventures, LLC

Omar Mencin


Investment Group, Ben Franklin Technology Partners

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