Introduction To Cybersecurity: Online Safety Basics

With the advent of the World wide web (WWW), people accessing the internet for almost everything has put the world at a greater risk. The main targeted sectors are banks, government and companies around the world. Cybersecurity is a combination of users, the processes involved and the technology. We now have almost every information about the users and that in turn leaves a large vacuum in terms of how secure these things are as it can be accessed by a majority of people thereby putting ourselves under lots of risks. Cybersecurity is one such wing working hard towards these incidents.

About Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity, addressed in two words is about Cyber and security. Cyber is mainly about the technologies, which constitutes system, data, programs and network. While security is about protections and it includes, things like the system security, information security, networks and application security.

It is a combination of things designed to protect networks, devices, programs from a possible attack, theft, damages and unauthorized access. It is also called the Information Technology security. With the over-dependency on the computers, due to which there are tons of information stored over the World wide web, they are prone to threats and Cybersecurity is an important shield against such data breaches.

There are three major types of threats to be controlled:

  1. Unauthorized access
  2. Unauthorized deletion of data
  3. Unauthorized modification.

These three are associated with CIA set, and CIA stands for confidentiality, integrity and availability. These three are considered as the mainstays of security and most security guidelines of companies around the globe stands on these three main pillars.

There are numerous ways to implement cybersecurity, but the three things which stand out are Identify, Analyze and evaluate and Treat. While following these three things, few things have to be kept in mind such as Vulnerability, threat and risks involved. Data breaches are most common around the globe and it involves financial losses, trust with the customers and according to a recent survey, nearly one-third of data breach costs can be felt for years.

Features of Cybersecurity

After understanding the basic information on Cybersecurity, lets now have a look at the important features of it. These are like your first line of defense against the attacks.

  • Good analytics
  • Proper coverage of external threats
  • Robust defense against internal threats
  • Compliance
  • Manage risk across one’s entire ecosystem
  • Prevention against threat, detection and response
  • Monitoring on a regular/continuous basis.

Benefits of Cybersecurity

Let’s now look at the top benefits of Cybersecurity and how it acts as an army for the World wide web.

  1. It protects your business
  2. Our personal information is safe and secure
  3. It allows employees to work securely
  4. It protects and enhances productivity
  5. It prevents Websites from crashing
  6. Detects spyware regularly
  7. It acts as a shield against Ad-aware
  8. It offers a consolidated solution.
  9. It acts as a support system for the IT experts
  10. It helps in building rapport with customers/clients.

Organizations around the globe are continuously facing spyware, adware attacks and data breaches. Its effect can be felt for several years and also involves losing the trust of the customers and clients. Cybersecurity acts as a shield against such attacks and therefore it should have considered as the mandatory technology to have in any organization.